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Suppliers of Hardware, Software and Printer Consumables

We sell a wide range of hardware, software and printer consumables at highly competitive prices some of which include the following big name brands: Hardware: Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, Intel ETC Software: Microsoft Operating Systems & Applications, Adobe Products, AVG Anti Virus Printer Consumables (Toners, Cartridges, Copy paper): HP, Canon, Samsung, Lexmark, Typek, Rotatrim etc


We will advise and provide the best product to meet your requirements - we wont just sell you any product, we will make sure you have the perfect product for you and your requirements!
We deliver, install and make sure your product is performing the way it should and make sure that you are satisfied!
We provide high competitive pricing - We source products directly from manufacturers and wholesalers so that we get the best price for you!
We source quality products - We make sure that all the products we sell to you are of the highest quality that is guaranteed.
We source whatever you need - Whatever you need laptops, PC's, Printers, Monitors, scanners, Printer consumables and software we will find it!